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I knew this OTP would be the death of me

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"Talented people turn me on. What a woman looks like means nothing to me - I’m only looking at the twinkle of their soul!"

—David Tennant (via tennantsabout)
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Sorrydid you say.. Bad Wolf?

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Baby converses are the best… (he calls them his Doctor shoes)

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David and his lovely hands discuss What We Did on Our Holiday.     x

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Banners I made for whoinwhoville's fantastic Closed!verse, which you should absolutely go read, if you haven’t already…

what is wrong with you why haven’t you read them yet you need to educate yourself

I thoroughly enjoyed making these for you, Who! Can’t wait to read more :)

Seeing them together makes my stomach flip with joy!! They are just so PERFECT. You can see the progression of their relationship in the banners even.

THANK YOU AGAIN, @gallifreyireland

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Providential Contingency (Epilogue)

Summary: What if Rose got more than she bargained for when she started traversing the multi-verse? How many men can possibly share the same face?

Notes: This is the last chapter. Thank you to all who have joined us on this journey through the multi-verse!

Co-Author - tennantmeister
Thank you weeping-who-girl and moltobenebananas for the beta help!

Ao3 | Teaspoon


Sometime in the near future…

Peter kept pulling at his collar. There was a reason it had taken Rose almost six months to persuade him to do something like this. He hated monkey suits. And even though she had made it very clear just how much she liked the sight of him in this one particularly, he was still extremely uncomfortable. It was not the fact that he was being shown off as the Vitex Heiress’s “man toy,” according to the rags, that had him fidgeting. Nor was it the excitement from closing his first major case as the newest Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard. It could, however, be attributed to the zeppelin ride he had endured to get to this place. After living in Pete’s World with his lovely Rose for half a year, Peter still avoided those bloody zeppelins at all cost. 

Rose grabbed two glasses of champagne from a passing tray and offered him one. He accepted it gladly, taking a long draught, almost emptying it. She just smiled at him amused. He sighed and let his hand fall from his tie to take hers.

"I’m so pleased that my misery brings ye such joy," he huffed. 

"Come on, stop pouting. It’s not that bad." Rose touched a finger to his bottom pouting lip and he exhaled a heavy sigh. "Try to enjoy yourself a bit, yeah?" She leaned in to steal a quick kiss from that pouty lip she loved so dearly. “Please for me?"

"Aye, babe." Peter dropped her hand and placed his on Rose’s hip attempting to inconspicuously rub the silky fabric of her dress. "I’ll try, but what will you do for me?"
Aiden was scanning the room, looking for someone he could talk to without having to put a lot of effort into a conversation, someone that would just talk while he nodded. Instead, he almost dropped his glass as his eyes landed on a head of blonde hair that he did not hesitate to remember. She was standing with a dark haired man who appeared to be about his height. He couldn’t see the bloke’s face with Rose in the way, but his hand was on her hip and she was leaning into him. Aiden wanted to be angry. He wanted to feel his blood boil and his skin crawl at the sight of her so obviously enjoying herself with another man. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. She tossed her head in laughter and he couldn’t help but smile.
The last time he had spoken to Rose Tyler, he had told her that he hoped she would find happiness, but he hadn’t meant it. Now, after he had spent hours upon hours horizontal on a sofa, Aiden had come to terms with a lot of his personal struggles. He had come a long way emotionally since he had left Rose’s flat that night, and he regretted how he had treated her. He truly did hope that she was happy. 

The other man was whispering in her ear and Rose swatted at his arm before turning her head to the side, allowing Aiden a glimpse of her blush. Her eyes skated toward him and eventually locked with his as he was unable to look away. At her startled expression, he - almost imperceptibly - lifted his glass to her. A second later, she did the same with a soft smile on her lips.
He wanted to tell her how sorry he was for how things had ended, how he had lashed out at her. If he’d been a stronger man back then, maybe they really could have remained friends. He would count himself lucky to have a friend like her. Instead, he had cocked it up as he always did. Knowing that this was neither the time or place for such an apology, he willed his feet to stay planted.
He emptied his half full drink with one long swallow and placed the empty flute on a passing tray before ducking through the crowd and out the nearest door. He might want her to be happy, and might even be glad that she seemed to be, but he wouldn’t sit and watch. He knew he would be unable to take his eyes off of the two of them while he played nice with people he couldn’t stand. The last thing he wanted to do was make the evening uncomfortable for Rose. He at least owed her that after how badly he had behaved. 

He left immediately, sitting in the back of his car as it moved through the city, trying desperately to clear his thoughts. Unsuccessful, he pulled out his phone.

Rose was still spinning and dancing her way around their living room to get a bottle of water for her and one for Peter before joining him in bed. His first black tie affair with her had been an overwhelming success. He had carried on conversation remarkably, even with some of the nastier socialites. They had spent the rest of the evening dancing once the official business had been taken care of. Afterward, they had shared a stroll along the water’s edge before retiring home for the night.
Wanting to thank her mother for the suggestion that they attend this gala on behalf of Pete and herself, Rose went searching for her mobile. Pulling it out of the small clutch she’d used that night, she realized it was turned off. The battery must have died. She plugged the charger into her phone and then walked the bottles of water to the bedroom while it booted up.
Peter was already asleep, arms spread and mouth hanging open, with his soft snores breaking the silence of the night. She smiled and sat a water on the table next to his side of the bed before going back to check on her phone.
She had missed multiple messages, all from Aiden. She hesitated before reading them. 
The first was simply: I owe you an apology and possibly an explanation for what happened at your flat the last time I saw you. Rose nodded muttering, “You’re damn well right,” to herself. 
The second was: I am truly sorry, Rose, and I wish you all the happiness you deserve. I had only wanted to be the man who could give that to you.
And last, which according to the time stamp had been sent a few hours after the first two: You’re not responding and I probably deserve that, but I just want you to know that I’ve changed. I’m not that man who has to win everything all of the time. I want you to know how sorry I am that you met him instead of me. I’m sure I lost every right to say this when I ruined our friendship in such a spectacular way… But I have to tell you that he clearly makes you happy and I’m glad of it. Truly.
Rose sat on the floor staring at her mobile screen long enough for her battery to charge halfway to full power. She quickly typed out a message to her mother as she had initially intended and started to put her phone down. She sighed, pulling her phone back up.
She typed, erased, and typed again, over and over until she was nearly cross-eyed. Finally satisfied with the message, she hit send.
Wasn’t ignoring you, my phone died. I’m sorry for the way things ended between us as well. As far as I am concerned, we can erase that night from memory and always think of each other fondly. You are such a brilliant man, Aiden, and I know the right woman is still out there waiting for you. You deserve happiness as much as I do and it was lovely to see you looking so well. Take care of yourself. xx
Rose returned to the bedroom and crawled under the duvet, turning onto her side to stare at the clock on her bedside table. Her mind was tired, but it was still too busy for sleep. Warm arms began to snake around her from behind and she felt Peter cuddle up close to her, pressing his body along hers until they were touching from head to toe. Soft lips tickled the back of her neck as he sleepily nuzzled her hair before moving to her ear, his breath warm.
“Everything alright?” His voice was so low, if he weren’t talking so close to her ear, she was sure she’d not have heard it.
Rose laid her hand over the one Peter had resting on her waist before twining their fingers and pulling it up to her lips, pressing a kiss to his knuckles. “Everything could not be more perfect.” 

"Guid tae hear." He pulled her closer and placed a kiss on her shoulder. "I love you, Rose."

"Quite right, too," she replied. 

She could hear him sigh and feel his lips against the curve of her ear as he smiled, echoing the smile on her own lips. Content and deeply in love, they both drifted off to sleep.

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