a moment of silence for all the fanfiction lost to the ravages of time, unsalvageable even by the wayback machine, condemned to its final resting place in the deactivated archives of fansites for now-syndicated television shows

rest in bytes my dear lemons and limes

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David Tennant + Tuxedo + Whistling

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One gifset per episode || Doctor Who || tooth and claw

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David Tennant - Richard II

You can see more doodles of David Tennant on my Twitter! @DM_twt

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I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself king of infinite space.

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A kiss of Gratitude

My favourite moment in The Stone Rose novel

the colouring is a little shitty but whatever-

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Will Burton + Happy

requested by studio-forty-two and tennantmeister

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I say, we will have no more marriages:
those that are married already, all but one, shall
live; the rest shall keep as they are. To a nunnery, go.

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The man I faced in that cabin is the man I know, beyond all doubt, murdered my wife. I could’ve done a lot of things to him. Instead, I saw him suffer and I called an ambulance. I removed him from danger. I did what any decent human being should do. But make no mistake, I did those things out of nothing more than a sincere duty to a common decency. I did so, because that’s what’s expected when you’re a person in the world. I risked my life to save the man who took away my heart. My compass. My anchor. My best friend. I faced him down with a knife in my hand, I could’ve let him burn. In the circumstances, I believe I exerted an extraordinary amount of restraint. Liam Foyle is dead. I rejoice in his passing. But you should not convict me of his murder.

The Escape Artist

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reminder that if we’re in a mutual and you’re under the age of 18 and find it creepy or weird that i’m following you back as an adult then let me know and i’ll unfollow and it won’t need to be a big deal at all… like, please put your own safety and wellbeing first 

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Hamlet, melting our too, too solid flesh.

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Through dark and light I fight to be


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